Dutch National Ballet presents

New Moves 2016

This show was to been seen in June 2016

New young makers

In New Moves, dancers of Dutch National Ballet get the opportunity to investigate their choreographic talents. New creations are the ‘lifeblood’ of every dance company. Discovering and encouraging young choreographic talent – as happens in New Moves – is therefore of great importance to Dutch National Ballet. The dancers will display their efforts to the public in the big opera studio of National Opera & Ballet.

In short

New Moves has already borne plenty of fruit for Dutch National Ballet. The programme led to the discovery of David Dawson, Krzysztof Pastor and Ted Brandsen as talented choreographers. And straight after his appointment as Director in 2003, Brandsen breathed new life into New Moves, which successfully to a large number of Dutch National Ballet dancers and ex-dancers taking up careers in choreography. In particular, Juanjo Arques, Daniela Cardim, Peter Leung, Ernst Meisner and Remi Wörtmeyer have made their name with exciting, virtuoso, humorous and poignant creations.

Ballet Director Ted Brandsen believes it is very important to invest in new talent. In the spring of 2013, the Junior Company was founded, in close cooperation with the National Ballet Academy (Amsterdam School of the Arts).

For your information: at Friday 24 June the Studio will be open to the public at 13.30, for the 14.00 performance; for the 20.15 performance the doors will open at 19.15. At 19.30 there will be a Q&A (only for the eveningperformance) with the choreographers. 


Behind the scenes - New Moves 2016
New Moves 2016 - Jared Rainford Wright
New Moves 2016 - Cristiano Principato
New Moves 2016 - Bruno da Rocha Pereira
New Moves 2016 - Bastiaan Stoop
New Moves 2016 - Remi Wörtmeyer
New Moves 2016 - Peter Leung
New Moves 2016 - Milena Sidorova
Krista Ettlinger & Bruno da Rocha Pereira in Character in movement. © Altin Kaftira
Jingjing Mao in Only when you wake me up. © Altin Kaftira
Floor Eimers in Breath. © Altin Kaftira



In the 1970s, Dutch National Ballet was the first Dutch dance company to present a choreographic workshop. Since then, the company has held a workshop nearly every year, rechristening it New Moves in 2003.

The performance gives you a chance to watch new works that are filled with promise and to see the dancers in a new light. It will be a splendid programme to close the season.


  • Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair
  • Cristiano Principato
  • Maria Chugai
  • Peter Leung
  • Chanquito van Hoeve
  • Jozef Varga
  • Jared Rainford Wright
  • Bruno da Rocha Pereira
  • Remi Wortmeyer
  • Clotilde Tran-Phat
  • Milena Sidorova
  • Bastiaan Stoop


Initiatives like New Moves are only possible with the support of extra financial means. A fundraising campaign for this performance has therefore been started. Supporting new, young talent in the field of choreography, as well as in the field of set and costume design, is extremely important to the company.