Dutch National Ballet presents


This show was to been seen in June 2016

Hiphop and classical

Duration 0:30

The Balletorkest, together with Dutch National Ballet present TRANSIT. A challenging dance project for secundary education students.

In short

Hiphop and classical music; spirited young people and professional musicians - TRANSIT offers an exciting exchange. 55 young people create a dance performance about their home town. Supervised by hiphopchoroegrapher Honey Eavis, in conjunction with several guest choreographers, they will explore different styles of dance. The participants are secundary education students with a passion for dance, as well as talents from the 5 o'clock class of the AHK (Amsterdamy University of the Arts).

The performance is accompanied by the live music of the Balletorkest (ballet orchestra), conducted by chief conductor Matthew Rowe. They will play Fearful Symmetries, a piece by American composer John Adams.

‘In Fearful Symmetries the music is closely allied to pop and Minimalist rock. It’s clearly an example of what I call my “travelling music,” music that gives the impression of continuous movement over a shifting landscape. In this piece, however, a cityscape is doubtless the more appropriate analogy as the sound has a distinctly urban feel.’
– John Adams