Dutch National Ballet presents

New Moves 2019

This show was to been seen in July 2019

Choreographers of the future

Organised by Dutch National Ballet since 2003, New Moves is an annual dance event giving company members a chance to develop their choreographic potential. 

Under Artistic Director Ted Brandsen, Dutch National Ballet has made a commitment to investing in the development of choreographic talent. Every year there is a widespread interest in the work of the young artists.  The enthusiasm for performing in each other's creations can be felt in the Grote Studio where the programme is performed.

As well as a chance to discover the choreographers of the future, New Moves also shows the dancers in a different light, giving them a unique opportunity to branch out to solo roles and explore other hidden talents and facets within themselves. The event is also a festive way to cap the end of another wonderful ballet season!

From choreography workshops to gala performances

In the 1970s Dutch National Ballet became the first company in the country to organise choreography workshops in which dancers got a chance to create their own ballets. At first held only sporadically and independent of the regular performances and rehearsals, later they evolved to become a fixture of the ballet season under the title New Moves.

Besides choreography, the dancers also work on the set, costume and lighting design and organise catering and PR around the production, thus gaining first-hand experience of all the ins and outs of mounting a performance.

Discovery of talented new choreographers

New Moves has proved its success in recent years by launching the choreographic careers of a large number of company members. Young creators like Juanjo Arqués, Daniela Cardim, Monique Duurvoort, Peter Leung, Ernst Meisner and Remi Wörtmeyer have been able to showcase themselves and their exciting, masterful, quirky and stirring works.

    Thu 15 Feb Telegraaf, 2017

    ‘The stage pulsed with the enthusiasm of the young ballet dancers and new choreography talents, eliciting frequent cheers from the jam-packed theatre at National Opera & Ballet. It was infectious. Positive vibes filled the theatre.’