Dutch National Ballet presents

Unboxing Ballet An exciting mix of classic and modern

This show was to been seen in January 2019


This tour was to be seen in 2018/2019.

In March 2020 a new tour will start:




The Junior Company is once again on tour across the Netherlands with Unboxing Ballet. 

The programme combines world-class classical ballet with work by modern-day trailblazers like Daniela Cardim, Wubkje Kuindersma  en Milena Sidorova.

Choreographic Academy

Two of the choreographers included in Unboxing Ballet are graduates of last year’s Choreographic Academy, a summer programme organised by Dutch National Ballet in which budding choreographers hone their craft with Junior Company dancers.

Unboxing Ballet

Paquita Suite

The programme opens with a classic work, Paquita Suite, in a widely praised adaptation by Rachel Beaujean that harks back to the pure divertissement dansante that ballet master Marius Petipa added to the original in 1881. ‘A fireworks of en pointe variations’, raved de Volkskrant. Paquita demands pitch-perfect technique, virtuosity and ballet bravura, making it the ideal touchstone for these young talents.

What Got You Here

Daniela Cardim’s choreography What Got You Here (world premiere) is inspired by Bill Bryson’s bestselling book 'A Short History of Nearly Everything'.


A new creation by Wubkje Kuindersma, Mesmer. Worldpremiere. Previously she created Two and Only for the Dutch National Ballet, with international furore as result. Marijn Rademaker was nominated for his role in Two and Only for the Benois de la Danse, the 'Oscar of dance', in the category 'best dancer'.


Milena Sidorova, grand sujet at Dutch National Ballet, created WITHDRAWN as a group piece for Junior Company’s twelve dancers.


The ballet Fuse by Charlotte Edmonds is made for two male dancers and one female dancer. It is set to music by the French composer Armand Amar from the soundtrack of the documentary 'Human' (2015), by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. There is a big contrast between the two sections; the first being rhythmical and the second sensitive.


For the occasion of the Gala 2017, choreographer and coordinator of the Junior Company, Ernst Meisner, created a work for the dancers of the Junior Company. The lively, energetic work to the colourful composition of the same name by Lowell Liebermann evokes the atmosphere of a high-spirited party. The dancers enter one by one and tumble over each other in every possible combination, in celebration of life.

Paquita Suite
Rachel Beaujean, after Marius Petipa
Ludwig Minkus

What Got You Here - world premiere
Daniela Cardim
Nico Muhly
Costume design
Daniela Cardim with Oliver Haller

Charlotte Edmonds

Milena Sidorova
Emilie Satt, YBMM
DJ 7su, Butterfly

Mesmer - world premiere
Wubkje Kuindersma
1. A sort of Homecoming
2. Here Comes Everybody
Composer: Anthony Fiumara

Ernst Meisner
Lowell Liebermann

    Thu 15 Feb Trouw on In Transit, 2017

    ‘Ernst Meisner (...) and Juanjo Arqués show themselves adept at working with large groups; both make bold musical choices and deploy a contemporary ballet language to charming effect.’

    Tue 29 Jan Het Parool on What Got You Here, 2019

    'I would even like to see it three times in a row'

    Tue 29 Jan de Volkskrant on Mesmer, 2019

    'Wubkje Kuindersma, remember that name. She makes the most powerful premiere of the sparkling Unboxing Ballet'

    Tue 29 Jan Noord Hollands Dagblad on Unboxing Ballet, 2019

    'Flowing movements and virtuosity in Unboxing Ballet. De Junior Company sparkles'