Dutch National Ballet presents

The little big box Junior Company

This show was to been seen in October 2019

during the autumn holiday - Venue: Odeonzaal in Dutch National Opera & Ballet


Duration 0:45

Breaks 0

The little big box tells the story of children who discover a magical chest in the attic and unlock a marvellous dance adventure.

What happens when a book is so realistic that the story almost comes alive? What's happening in that box – is it moving?!

Premièring to rave reviews in 2010, the Little Big Box is a choreography by Ernst Meisner and Dutch National Ballet's first production for children. The two female and one male role are all danced by members of the Junior Company.


Up in an attic, a girl sits alone with nothing to do. Leaning back against a big chest, she suddenly hears an odd noise. Out from the chest pop two imaginary playmates! They concoct a plan. They'll create something big... A place to play... A place to dance... A place where you be anything you want. What will it be? One thing's for certain: these dancers are about to embark on a thrilling adventure!

Ernst Meisner

Choreographer and artistic coordinator Junior Company

Ernst Meisner is choreographer and since 2013 the artistic coordinator of Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company. He danced with The Royal Ballet and Dutch National Ballet.


The little big box

Choreography Ernst Meisner
Music Alastair Broadley





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