Dutch National Ballet presents

Unboxing Ballet 2 Junior Company

Young talent on tour

The Junior Company has became a fixture in the Dutch theatre firmament. This season they’ll once more be touring the whole country to showcase a cross-section of the ballet repertoire. Unboxing Ballet 2, with creations of Hans van Manen and other leading choreographers, is sure to delight both die-hard dance fans and first-time audiences.


Unboxing Ballet 2 combines the three cornerstones of the Dutch National Ballet repertoire: the classical and ever-popular nineteenth-century ballet tradition, highlights of twentieth-century ballet, and exciting creations by choreographers who are blazing new trails around the world. This kaleidoscopic triptych takes you on a virtual journey through the history of ballet, guided by the gifted young dancers of the Junior Company.


The full programme of Unboxing Ballet 2 is still to be confirmed, but we can already promise an exclusive Junior Company première of Hans van Manen’s peerless In and Out, declared ‘a direct hit’ by dance critics.


Less is more

Hans van Manen is famed as a master of minimalism. Metaphorically, because he strips dance of all superfluous frills: dance in its purest and cleanest form is his trademark, ‘less is more’ his motto. But also literally, because Van Manen creates within self-imposed limits. In In and Out, those limits are spatial, with a set consisting of three wardrobes in and out of which 12 dancers continually disappear and reappear: all of them cramming into one wardrobe, then separating to dangle, climb and crawl across all three, then storming back across the stage. From playful, light-hearted and sexy at first, when singer Nina Hagen takes over from Laurie Anderson the mood darkens to become calculated, aggressive and even vicious.

Junior Company

The Junior Company was established jointly by Dutch National Ballet and the Dutch National Ballet Academy in 2013 to bridge the worlds of training and professional practice. Its success has exceeded all expectations, with the company now receiving invitations to perform around the globe as well as hundreds of applications annually from dancers worldwide to audition for a place in the celebrated company. At present, one-third of the Dutch National Ballet corps consists of former Junior Company members, most notably soloist Michaela DePrince, grand sujets Riho Sakamota, Jessica Xuan, Yuanyuan Zhang, Martin ten Kortenaar and Sho Yamada, and corps de ballet dancer Timothy van Poucke. Dutch National Ballet’s artistic director Ted Brandsen affirms, ‘I am very proud of everything the group has managed to achieve and accomplish in such a relatively short time. These talented young dancers also boost the company as a whole, and contribute to a very positive working environment. They’re used to cooperating as a group and have performed together all over in Holland and around the world, and they bring those qualities with them when they “move up” to Dutch National Ballet.’

In and Out 

Junior Company-première

Choreography Hans van Manen
Music Laurie Anderson, Nina Hagen

    Tue 12 Feb De Telegraaf

    ‘Dutch National Ballet's Junior Company has rapidly gained such a reputation that young people from Australia to Uruguay want nothing more than to be one of 12 dancers in this ensemble’





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