Dutch National Ballet presents

Modern Masters Hans van Manen and William Forsythe

Special Tour Programme

Duration 2:00

Due to the current measures against the further spread of the coronavirus, this production by Dutch National Ballet will unfortunately not be able to go ahead this autumn. Read more information here: operaballet.nl/corona-update

Adagio Hammerklavier - Hans van Manen
Hans van Manen: Kleines Requiem
Foto: - Hans Gerritsen
Pas/Parts 2018 - William Forsythe
Boston Ballet
Pas/Parts 2018 - William Forsythe
Boston Ballet Isaac Akiba and Ji Young Chae
Pas/Parts 2018 - William Forsythe
Boston Ballet Roddy Doble and Chyrstyn Fentroy

In Modern Masters, top dancers from Dutch National Ballet show off their fabulous technique and extraordinary versatility. Whereas in Hans van Manen’s Adagio Hammerklavier they must demonstrate extreme control and balance, in William Forsythe’s Pas/Parts 2018 they plunge headlong into a dizzying avalanche of ever-changing formations.

Most significant choreographers

Van Manen and Forsythe enjoy worldwide recognition as two of the most significant choreographers of our time. Each has countless masterpieces to his name — timeless ballets that continue to mesmerize audiences even decades after their creation.

    Thu 20 Feb Trouw about HF-programme 2019 with Kleines Requiem and Pas/Parts 2018

    ‘Dutch National Ballet is on so many top-10 lists of the world’s best ballet companies. When you look at the program of three generations of choreographers then you can only conclude one thing: rightly so!’

    Thu 15 Feb LA Times on Forsythes Pas/Parts

    ‘The dancers played the rhythm with their bodies, creating the illusion that we were not only watching them but also listening to them’

    Thu 15 Feb de Volkskrant on Kleines Requiem (NDT)

    ‘The magnificently danced revival of Hans van Manen’s Kleines Requiem (1996) was a dream opening.’

    Thu 20 Feb Theaterkrant, 2019 on Forsythe - Pas/Parts 2018

    'Forsythe's language is grotesque yet precise. He enlarges traditional tendus, so that feet become heavy instead of light, he creates waves of backs and makes buttocks coquettish. In doing so, he plays with acceleration and deceleration and creates a new expectation pattern by putting the audience on the wrong track time after time. With these ingredients he creates a treasure trove of half an hour's worth of material, which could easily have lasted an hour.'

    Thu 20 Feb NRC Handelsblad on Adagio Hammerklavier

    'Unreal and touchingly beautiful in slow motion and with a movement quality that holds your breath.'

Programme Modern Masters

From a serene ode to slowness to a high-speed dance explosion.

Still in motion
Adagio Hammerklavier is one of Hans van Manen's most performed ballets worldwide. Inspired by an extremely slow performance of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 29, his goal was to find out just how slow a movement can be. He described it as ‘a hoop that, given a push, just barely keeps rolling, just barely doesn’t fall over.’

Stunning male duet
Dutch National Ballet introduced Hans van Manen’s Kleines Requiem into the repertoire in 2019. The ballet to the music of Górecki shows a man alone, in search of his place in the world, symbolized by three couples. Highlights of the choreography include a grotesque polka and a stunning male duet.

‘I knew it at once: that crazy third movement from Górecki’s Kleines Requiem für eine Polka had to stay in. It’s as though you suddenly come crashing on stage banging two pan lids together in the middle of a Shakespeare drama.' - Hans van Manen about Kleines Requiem

Abstract art
Forsythe’s enthusiastically-received Pas/Parts 2018 demonstrates how the dance innovator has bent, snipped and regrouped the classic ballet moves into abstract art. The choreography to the music of Thom Willems charges ahead with ingenious solos, duets, trios and groups following one another at an amazing pace.

"I want the audience to be amazed. Dancers are able to perform enormously well under pressure. That's part of their toolbox: dealing with stress and making it look natural. Grace under pressure' - William Forsythe on Pas/Parts 2018

Kleines Requiem

Hans van Manen

Henryk Mikolaj Górecki

Adagio Hammerklavier

Hans van Manen

Ludwig van Beethoven


William Forsythe

Thom Willems