The first ballet by the Junior Company and YOU!

Next year, the Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company is celebrating its fifth anniversary. The Junior Company one of the best springboards for talented young dancers on their way to the top of the ballet world. Dozens of dancers have already moved up from the Junior Company to Dutch National Ballet and are dancing great roles with the company. But we have more dreams for the future. We want to make an anniversary ballet and you are involved!

Join now

We asked leading choreographer Juanjo Arques to develop a brand-new choreography that will be presented all over the Netherlands in 2018 in the programme In the Future. But he can cannot do it without you.

Dutch National Ballet would like to give you the exclusive opportunity to experience the development of the new ballet from up close. Celebrate our anniversary, be part of an unique creative process and collaborate on the first ballet by the crowd!

Come and join us!

Dutch National Ballet opens its doors for you! Thanks to your contribution you can be part of a unique process behind the scenes of one of the best ballet companies in the world. Creating a new ballet is an enormous challenge. The process of transforming an idea or concept into a ballet takes several months. Besides actually choreographing the steps, the costumes are designed and made, music is selected, lighting designs are created and the dancers rehearse the steps. On top of that, there’s also all the work done by the technical crew, the dressers and the wigs and make-up artists, etc. Making a ballet is a process of months of experimenting, creating, adding, altering and fine-tuning. In order to stage this new ballet, we need €30,000. Your contribution is crucial to creating this special jubilee ballet.

How can you contribute to creating this ballet? Besides having access to livestreams and the dress rehearsal, Juanjo Arques will also involve you in exciting and crucial steps in his creative process. You can participate in these interactive sessions:


1. Experience the first brainstorm with the artistic team

Juanjo will get together with the artistic team for the first time at the beginning of September. We will be brainstorming about the ballet, the music, the lighting, the costumes and the dancers. It is a unique moment, as this is where the very first ideas for the ballet are conceived and you can be part of it.


2. See the first designs of the costumes in the costume atelier

At the beginning of October, the costume designer will present the first prototype of the costumes. Come and join us at Dutch National Ballet’s inspiring Costume Atelier. You will, of course, be given a guided tour and get a close-up view of how ballet costumes are made.


3. Attend a ballet class and discuss with Juanjo about his ballet

At the end of October, you can attend a ballet class. Juanjo will present the ideas that have come out of the first brainstorming session in an exclusive Q&A session. Give your input and help shape their development.


4. First steps in the Ballet Studio

In November, Juanjo will be taking the first rehearsal in the studio with the dancers of the Junior Company. It’s an exciting moment, as this is where the ballet starts to come to life! You can experience this close-up and watch how a creative idea turns into reality. Share your opinions with us and come on a guided tour backstage.


Take a look at all the rewards to see how you can join in and what you get for your contribution.

Celebrate our anniversary and let our dream become a reality!


Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company

Ernst Meisner, Melissa Chapski, Priscylla Gallo, Theo Duff-Grant, Satchel Tanner, Nika Afonina, Khayla Fitzpatrick, Salome Leverashvili, Hannah Williams, Timothy van Poucke, Fabio Rinieri, Rafael Valdez and Nicholas Landon.



Who is Juanjo Arques?

Juanjo Arques is a choreographer and Young Creative Associate with Dutch National Ballet. He comes from Spain and has lived in Amsterdam for years now. Juanjo was a dancer with Dutch National Ballet. Alongside his career as a dancer, he quickly developed as a choreographer. On ending his dancing career in 2012, he focused completely on choreography and has had great success! Nowadays, besides choreographing for Dutch National Ballet, he also works with companies in the United States, Spain, Belgium and Russia.

What is the Junior Company?

The Junior Company is Dutch National Ballet’s company for young dancers, which has already produced many great dancers for the ranks of the main company. Next season, almost a third of Dutch National Ballet will consist of dancers who have moved up from the Junior Company. Over the past five years, the Junior Company has done all sorts of fantastic things. The dancers often perform with Dutch National Ballet and they tour throughout the Netherlands and abroad. In 2016, they danced in the first virtual reality ballet in the world. They work with famous choreographers like Hans van Manen, and in 2015 they created the production Narnia in collaboration with hiphop company ISH. All this makes the Junior Company one of the best springboards for the stars of the future.

Dutch National Ballet needs your support to continue to shape the future of the ballet. The dancers of the future can only grow by working with leading choreographers and with the audience of now. We started this crowdfunding campaign because your inspiration challenges a new generation of dancers and choreographers to develop.