Dutch National Opera & Ballet present

Pablo - Scapino Ballet

This show was to been seen in February 2017


PABLO is an exciting and spectacular performance (age 14+), combining dance, theatre and orchestra, about Pablo Picasso’s life and immortal art. PABLO, by the Spaniard Marcos Morau, one of the upcoming great European choreographers, is danced by the full Scapino company. Accompanied by live music from the 24 musicians of Sinfonia Rotterdam, they give an overwhelming performance.

In short

This lively performance transports the audience to the turbulent life of Picasso. PABLO takes place during the great wars, the dictatorship of General Franco and the reforms, which all influenced Picasso’s art. With period costumes, wonderful music and a cinematic staging, in which even a funeral procession and hearse appear, PABLO also gives a glimpse of the fiery Spanish temperament in times of turmoil. However, while looking back, the production also aims to make us think about the here and now, in view of the many conflicts in the world around us today.


The live music, which includes Ravel’s Boléro, emphasises the Spanish character of the piece. Sinfonia Rotterdam, conducted by Conrad van Alphen and Benoit Fromanger, performs a mix of Spanish and French folk songs and classical music, including sections from Ravel’s Boléro and Tchaikovsky’s spectacular work, the 1812 Overture.


Choreographer Marcos Morau comes from Catalonia and is the founder of the Spanish artists’ collective La Veronal. He is a rising star in the Spanish and European theatre world, winning several prestigious prizes like the National Dance Award from the Spanish Ministry of Culture in a short space of time. He has become known for the innovative way in which tells narratives in dance and other art disciplines. PABLO is a new work, based on Los Pájaros Muertos, which has been successfully performed at locations in Barcelona, Venice, Brazil and Paris. Scapino’s artistic director, Ed Wubbe, wants to introduce Dutch theatre audiences to the extraordinary work of this distinctive choreographer and theatre maker.

PABLO follows the tradition of large-scale Scapino productions, such as Romeo & JuliaThe Great Bean, Le Chat Noir, Pearl and TING!: adventurous productions with familiar themes, often performed to live music and accessible to a wide audience. Sinfonia Rotterdam is equally accessible to wide audiences, performing the music of classical masters in a dynamic and impressive way.