Dutch National Ballet presents

Dancing Diversity

This show was to been seen in October 2017

On Sunday 15 October, when you visit National Opera & Ballet, please be aware of extra traffic due to the Marathon of Amsterdam.

Black Achievement Month: Dance Conference & Dancing Diversity

On 15 October, we are holding two events for Black Achievement Month. They will take place in Dutch National Opera & Ballet, in Amsterdam. The conference will be held in Dutch, but will also be interesting for people with a reasonable understanding of the language. The performance Dancing Diversity will, of course, be interesting for speakers of any language.


free admission

Location: Odeonzaal in Dutch National Opera & Ballet
18.00 - 19.30
doors open at 17.30

At this conference, a number of Dutch dance professionals will exchange ideas about their experience of black identity in dance and ballet. They will take a closer look at what exactly is understood by black aesthetics and at ways in which people want to, and feel able to disseminate this. Through exchanging personal stories and experiences, the focus will turn to the question of how much scope is offered within the professional Dutch dance sector for disseminating non-white perspectives and narratives, and making them visible.
The conference aims to make connections between the various interested parties, through exchanging experiences and views, and gaining new insights, in order to get closer to one another and hopefully come up with a few concrete action points.

There is free admission to the conference.

Tickets can be reserved through this link:


Participants in the dance conference (subject to change) are:

Ted Brandsen
    director of Dutch National Ballet
Aminata Cairo
    Professor of Inclusive Education at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, Professor of Arts Education at  the Amsterdam University of the Arts
Alida Dors
    choreographer and artistic director of BackBone, and of the hiphop movement Solid Ground Movement
Astrid Elburg
    independent advisor and coach, former board member of Dutch National Ballet
Tim Persent
    dancer with Leine & Roebana, former artistic director of ITs festival (until 2016), former committee member of the Council for Culture (until 2017)
Jan Zoet
    director of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, chair of Kunsten ‘92


Location: foyer of Dutch National Opera & Ballet

20.00 - 21.15

Dancing Diversity is a specially compiled programme* that revolves around the diversity of Dutch National Ballet. Dutch National Ballet employs dancers of 27 different nationalities and a great variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. They are drawn to the company for its wide repertoire, international reputation and high quality of dancing, and the attractive, multicultural and energetic climate of Amsterdam.
In the intimate setting of the foyer, you will make acquaintance with some of these dancers from the Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, Korea, China and other countries. Young Gyu Choi, Nathan Bhrane, Daniel Robert Silva and other dancers will perform works by choreographers like Hans van Manen, Krzysztof Pastor and Monique Duurvoort, as well as excerpts from classics like Swan Lake.

admission: € 15


* Programme – order still to be announced

Swan Lake (pas de deux from Act 2)
Lev Ivanov

Le Corsaire (variation)
Joseph Mazilier
Adolphe Adam

Krzysztof Pastor
Kurt Weill

Ernst Meisner
Max Richter

New work (title not yet known)
Monique Duurvoort
Aurora - Stellardrone
Dancers from Dutch National Ballet
Daniel Robert Silva
Bruno Da Rocha Pereira
External dancer
Jaleesa Grot
World premiere
15 October 2017

Hans van Manen
Sergei Prokofiev

Echoes through Time
Chanquito van Hoeve
Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joseph LoDuca

Juanjo Arques
Max Richter


The Black Achievement Month introduces the Netherlands to the ‘black’ history of the Netherlands, through exhibitions, debates, theatre, film and dance. Stories are told about slavery and its legacy, while also looking to the future. The Black Achievement Month thus provides a platform for black role models and their special achievements, such as star ballerina Michaela DePrince.
NiNsee (Nationaal Instituut Nederlands Slavernijverleden en Erfenis) is the initiator of the project Black Achievement Month (BAM), which is based on the Black History Month. Through BAM, NiNsee aims not only to look at the past, but also to focus on the present and the future.


Signing Session

After the performance of Dancing Diversity, Michaela DePrince will be at the shop to sign your purchases. These signing sessions are only for people with tickets for the performance of the same day!