Dutch National Opera & Ballet present

Schubert Nederlands Dans Theater 2

This show was to been seen in November 2017

Poetry and humour

Duration 2:00

Breaks 2

As the title suggests, the music of the virtuoso Franz Schubert sets the tone in this first NDT 2 programme. Besides the poetic duets in One on One (2015) by Johan Inger and the energetic teamwork in Alexander Ekman’s Cacti (2010), NDT treats the audience to a world premiere by associate choreographer Marco Goecke. Schubert will be accompanied live by Het Balletorkest.

In short

Marco Goecke will create a new piece for the young NDT 2 dancers: Wir sagen uns Dunkles. With his particular, frenetic movement language, Goecke is one of the world's most sought-after choreographers.

In Cacti, the self-confessed ‘rhythm freak’ Alexander Ekman humorously challenges his audience to reflect on modern dance as a higher art form. The choreographer used classical music for the first time in this work: a new arrangement of Schubert’s Der Tod und das Mädchen, in which the dancers form the instruments of the orchestra.

With One on One by Johan Inger investigates how the phases of romantic relationships unfold; from the discovery and exploration of two individuals to their blending together and the possible loss when little cracks begin to appear in the apparent unity. Inger chose to create the piece to Franz Schubert’s Impromptus and his 21st Sonata. These scores are considered to be his last great piano compositions. Inger won the Benois de la Danse 2016 for One on One.


Wir sagen uns Dunkles*
Marco Goecke

One on One
Johan Inger

Alexander Ekman

*Change to the programme previously announced in the Dutch National Opera & Ballet brochure

Musical accompaniment
Dutch Ballet Orchestra

Cacti - Alexander Ekman
One on One - Johan Inger


Dutch Ballet Orchestra
Since its inception in 1965, the orchestra has been proud to accompany its partners, Dutch National Ballet and Nederlands Dans Theater. The working method is unique in the Netherlands. Dutch Ballet Orchestra, with Matthew Rowe as principal conductor, consists of a regular core of 45 musicians, supported where necessary by highly qualified guest performers. This gives the orchestra its unique character: flexible, dynamic and high-quality.

Dutch Ballet Orchestra combines music and dance into a magical experience: from classical ballet to modern dance, and from music education to talent development. The orchestra’s mission is to create an optimal synthesis between music and dance, in order to reach dance-lovers and ballet music enthusiasts, as well as children and youngsters.

The orchestra has received several international awards for its educational projects, including the Young Audiences Music Award in 2016 for Creatures, a collaborative project with dance company ISH.

    Tue 07 Nov de Volkskrant**** - Wir sagen uns Dunkles

    'In Wir sagen uns Dunkles, everything vibrates. Of sensational excitement. Hands, wrists, shoulders and legs surrender to intoxicatingly fast tremolos. Even the neck, head and chest pulsate along with it.'