Dining and refreshments

Before the performance

Dining at evening performances - opera only
Before opera performances at Dutch National Opera & Ballet, you can enjoy a self-service dinner buffet in the foyer of the 2nd balcony. The dinner buffet includes various warm and cold meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. At opera performances with one or more intervals, dessert and coffee/tea is served in the first interval, and at opera performances without an interval, dessert and coffee/tea is served before the performance. The dinner buffet costs € 28.50 per person (including wine, dessert and coffee/tea).

Visitors making use of the dinner buffet will be admitted one hour and fifteen minutes prior to curtain-up. We advise reserving early, as seating is limited. Please reserve via the Dutch National Opera & Ballet box office, on T + 31 20 6 255 455, or via the special order page. It is not possible to reserve specific seats for the buffet in advance.

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During intervals

A wide variety of refreshments is available at the buffet bars in the foyers during the interval(s), ranging from a good glass of wine to excellent coffee. We offer savoury snacks as well as chocolate bonbons and pastries. Approximately 80% of our products are sustainably produced, made with organic ingredients and certified with an EKO label and/or another internationally recognised stamp of approval. Organic and sustainably produced refreshments include Peeze coffee, Schulp fruit juices and Gulpener Limburgs Land beer.

Reserved drinks in the interval
You can place an order for interval drinks at the bar prior to the performance, saving you a wait in the queue. They will be placed on a separate table and can be picked up immediately. The bar offers champagne per glass, half bottle or full bottle. In addition to our house wines, we also offer 37.5 ml bottles for purchase. The assortment includes Sancerre, Rosé Madrague and Gigondas.

After the performance
The foyer bars remain open after every performance, giving you the opportunity to chat about the performance. The bar nearest the main entrance is open until thirty minutes after the end of the performance.

For groups, events and catered dinners inside our theatere, please contact our sales & events department:

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