Audio, video and communication

The theatre has a sophisticated sound system for both auditorium and stage. There is a 5-channel Ambio system for special effects, with loudspeakers in the auditorium's ceiling and side walls. All audio settings can be stored digitally. The sound system can be operated from both the sound booth at the back of the 1st balcony and the auditorium. The theatre is also equipped with an electro-acoustic system.

The theatre can produce multicamera and multitrack recordings for CD, DVD and internet.

The stage manager's desk is situated stage left. A large number of functions can be operated from the desk, including a comprehensive call system for artists and technicians, separate intercom systems for lighting and stage crews, and a fully integrated system. Video screens show the stage, the infrared-lit stage and the conductor. The intercom system consists of more than 40 wireless belt packs with headsets on 7 different channels.

Orchestra pit
The orchestra floor consists of 3 lifts.
Area of centre lift: 60 m2
Stage right and stage left lifts each: 12.5 m2

The lifts can be lowered, together or independently, to a maximum depth of 3.67 m below stage level and raised to a maximum of 0.40 m. The area of the pit under the stage is approx. 65 m2. This area can be masked off with black wooden partitions that hang from the underlip of the stage. When in use by an orchestra, the pit is covered along its entire width by a safety net.

PDF documents for download
Drawing of the loudspeaker positions (PDF, 839K)