The theatre has a modern and largely automated lighting installation.

In order to permit the use of the theatre by more than one company on the same day, a large number of the spotlights have been given fixed positions – called the rep(ertoire) setting - distributed over 4 auditorium bridges, 3 fixed proscenia, the 2 mobile portal towers, the mobile portal bridge, 4 mobile lighting bridges above the stage and various mobile panorama hanging ladders. This allows the entire stage to be lit in segments with 2 wash colours from 5 different angles. Additional lamps are rigged for each production.

The 4 mobile lighting bridges each comprise 7 bridge modules of 3 meters in length. These are hung in standard fly bars and are therefore movable up and downstage. Each bridge has a number of automated fixtures: 10 x LT 2kW yokes (for backlighting), 8 x ETC Revolution (pipe-end) and 3 x High End X-spot (top lighting, effect spots).

The automated cyclorama lighting consists of 42 asymmetrical fixtures, each equipped with a colour changer.

The theatre also has a number of spotlights that can be used for a particular production, e.g. 4kW HMI (automated) fresnels, 2.5kW HMI profile spots, Vari*Lite automated spotlights and assorted conventional spotlights. There are 4 HMI follow spots on the auditorium bridge and 4 on the portal bridge.

The lighting installation is controlled by a Transtechnik Prima NTX console. Data communication between consoles, dimmers and servers is achieved by means of an Ethernet network which can be accessed throughout the theatre.

PDF documents for download
Drawing of the repertoire lighting plot:)
lighting plot (pdf, 1,9 MB)