The Making-of Mata Hari

5-part docuseries

In these short videos, Sylvana Simons takes you behind the scenes of Mata Hari: the large-scale ballet about the turbulent life of the Dutch spy and dancer Mata Hari, who grew into one of the most famous and iconic women in Dutch history.

Everything passes by: from the choreography and music to the sets and costumes. Experience what it takes to create a ballet production.

The evening-length ballet Mata Hari from 2016 was created by artistic director Ted Brandsen and librettist Janine Brogt. Tarik O'Regan, one of today's leading British composers, composed the music especially for Mata Hari

Episode 1: Introduction to Mata Hari

In the first episode, presenter Sylvana Simons watches the rehearsals of Mata Hari. She also meets Ted Brandsen, artistic director of the Dutch National Ballet and choreographer of Mata Hari. Together with librettist Janine Brogt, she visits the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, where Mata Hari was born and her scrapbooks are now kept.

Episode 2: Costumes

More than 300 costumes were made for the ballet Mata Hari. In this second episode of The Making of Mata Hari, costume designer François-Noël Cherpin takes you through his creative process.

Episode 3: Decor

Take a look behind the scenes with this third episode of The Making of Mata Hari and see how the set of a completely new ballet is created!

Episode 4: Anna Tsygankova as Mata Hari

In the fourth episode of The Making of Mata Hari, principal Anna Tsygankova tells what it's like to dive into the role of the Dutch spy and dancer. We also watch her rehearsals.

Episode 5: Music

In the fifth episode, Sylvana meets composer Tarik O'Regan and watches the rehearsals of Dutch Ballet Orchestra.