Dutch National Ballet in ‘Homebody’

Homebody is a special mix of drama, music and spectacular dance by a remarkable group of theatre makers: Dutch National Ballet, Noord Nederlands Toneel, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, musicians’ laboratory Kytopia and ODD Continent.

Principals of Dutch National Ballet share the stage with opera singers and musicians in a work choreographed by Alexandra Radius Prize winner and Dutch National Ballet principal Remi Wörtmeyer. Colin Benders, also known as Kyteman, is composing new music especially for Homebody.

Monic Hendrickx, actress and winner of the Golden Calf 2013, plays the part of a homebody. Although she leads an unremarkable existence, she longs for romance and adventure in a faraway, exotic country. She is on the point of making the journey of her life; a journey that will also mean the ruin of her family. Homebody is a poignant story about becoming adult, based on the play by Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Kushner, the man who wrote Angels in America.

Director and libretto:
Malcolm Rock, after the play by Tony Kushner

Colin Benders

Musical arrangements:
Kobi Arditi

Remi Wörtmeyer

Monic Hendrickx, Casey Herd, Suzanna Kaic, Alistair Shelton-Smith, Jeroen de Vaal and Nadia Yanowsky

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Thursday 18 and Friday 19 September 2014

€ 10 - € 35

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam T (020) 624 23 11 or online.

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