Dutch National Ballet Dancer Bastiaan Stoop Made Choreography for Platina Blues

Bastiaan Stoop, dancer at Dutch National Ballet, made a choreography for the film Platina Blues, an adaptation of the final album of incurably ill singer Thé Lau (The Scene). Platina Blues will premiere on Thursday 25 September 2014 at the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht (The Netherlands).

Thé Lau wrote Platina Blues during his treatment against cancer. It is a forty-minute musical testament consisting of songs that are experienced in one evening in Chamber 10 at the Anthoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam. To accompany Thé Lau’s compositions, writer, theatre maker and director Threes Anna made a raw one-shot film of a mixture of projected images, dance and theatre. Visual artist and special-effect specialist Thierry van Raay created a poetic world in which dancer and choreographer Bastiaan Stoop made a special piece in collaboration with projection artist David Louf. Everything was filmed in one, uninterrupted shot by cameraman Richard van Oosterhout.

25 September, Dutch Film Festival, Utrecht (premiere)
29 September, Dutch Film Festival
30 September, Dutch Film Festival
11 October, EYE Amsterdam
22 October, Film Festival, Gent


Photograph: Bastiaan Stoop
Made by: Robin DePuy