Food & drinks before, during and after the performance

The foyer has a wide variety of drinks and refreshments: savoury quiches from Patisserie Kuyt, boxes of assorted nuts, bonbons, freshly made sandwiches, and cakes from Patisserie Holtkamp.


There are 5 bars in the foyer: 3 bars on the stalls level, 1 bar on the 1st balcony level and 1 bar on the 2nd balcony level (the latter is only open during the intervals).


All the bars have the same standard selection of drinks and food, alongside which there are a few exceptions:
• Special wines by the glass and special champagnes by the bottle are only available from the middle bar on the stalls level. See the selection of special wines.
•- You cannot order hot drinks at the bar in the middle on stalls level at room level.
• The stock of food per performance is subject to a maximum, which means it may sell out. If you want to ensure the availability of snacks, we advise you to place an order before the performance, via eten-en-drinken/vooraf-bestellen. Our products come from regular suppliers, including cakes from Kuyt en Holtkamp, nuts from Gotje, biscuits from Farm Brothers, beer from Gulpener Bier, coffee and tea from Douwe Egberts and soft drinks from Coca Cola.


In the foyer, you can pay by debit card, credit card (MasterCard and Visa) or cash. In the interval, most of our guests (1600 in the case of a full house) go to the bar at the same time, so there can be long queues. Here are a few tips to reduce your waiting time:
• Pay by debit card (also contactless). This is the quickest payment method, so it speeds up the queuing process.
• Some queues at the bar move faster than others, so look around and change to a shorter queue.
• You can also choose not to queue for the bar straight away. Our intervals last around 25 minutes, so there is time to do something else first and go to the bar after 10 minutes or so.
• The middle bar on the stalls level does not sell hot drinks, so the queues at this bar are shorter.
• You can avoid queuing in the intervals by placing an order beforehand. See eten-en-drinken/vooraf-bestellen.
• At each bar, you can pre-order your interval drinks before the performance begins. They will be set out for you in the interval to save you waiting in the queue.



Before curtain-up, you can place an order for drinks at any of the bars. They will be set out for you in the interval, saving you a wait in the queue.



The foyer bars remain open after every performance, giving you the opportunity to chat about the performance. The bar nearest the main entrance is open until half an hour after the end of the performance.



Most of our products are sustainably produced, made with organic ingredients and certified with an EKO label and/or another internationally recognised stamp of approval. They include Douwe Egberts coffee, Schulp organic fruit juices and Gulpener Limburgs Land beer.