Record audience number Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Dutch National Opera & Ballet can look back on a very successful year. The number of visitors to the resident companies Dutch National Opera and Dutch National Ballet rose from 190,000 in 2013 to over 208,000 in 2014; an increase of more than 9%. There was also a rise in average houses from 88% capacity in 2013 to 93% in 2014.

Dutch National Ballet attracted a record number of visitors to Amsterdam. The number of paying audience members rose from 83,000 in 2013 to almost 97,000 in 2014; an increase of 16%. Average houses rose from 88% capacity in 2013 to 92% in 2014.

Dutch National Opera attracted over 111,000 visitors in 2014; an increase of 4% compared to 2013. The average houses of Dutch National Opera rose from 90% capacity in 2013 to 93% in 2014.

The figures correspond to the audience numbers for regular performances in Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Through the international and national tours, international co-productions, TV recordings, CDs and DVDs, as well as the activities related to education, participation and talent development, Dutch National Opera & Ballet reaches many times the number of people that attend the performances each year.

Els van der Plas, general manager of Dutch National Opera & Ballet
‘We are extremely proud of the results we have achieved. They show that the art forms of opera and ballet are flourishing and that they hold great appeal for a wide audience’.