New Moves 2015

Krista Ettlinger and Joanna Mednick, dancers of the Dutch National Ballet, are very busy organizing New Moves. They invests almost all of their free time in the production, in order to create a spectacular performance and event on July 3rd and 4th.

Almost every year New Moves takes place, a performance that is entirely conceived and organized by the dancers of the Dutch National Ballet themselves. Not only do they create their – often first – own choreographies, they also arrange their costumes, lighting, and everything else that is involved in the production.
The driving forces behind the 2015 edition are Krista Ettlinger (Hollywood) and Joanna Mednick (San Francisco). When asked how much time they spend on organizing the production, Joanna smiles: "Tons of time!" And Krista adds: "We work on it non-stop, so all moments in between rehearsals, and very much of our free time. Even in the studio, with pointe shoes on, we’re still sending emails!"

What is your role exactly?

Krista: "We manage the entire production, and do things we have never done before, like making complex work schedules, fundraising and looking for sponsors. Joanna and I are involved in every detail. Everyone who participates does so in his or her spare time, so if the regular rehearsals stop at six o’clock, or in between rehearsals, we book the studio and work on New Moves."

What can we expect this year?

Joanna: "A great performance of about two hours, during which twelve choreographers and about 28 dancers show their work."

Krista: "This year New Moves takes place in the large opera studio, on the studio floor, so the setting is quite intimate. There are many different dancing styles and different kind of dancers, and you can see everything much more up close than usual. Also it seemed really cool to organize something in which the distance between audience and dancers would be lifted. So on Friday, July 3rd, there is a Q&A with the choreographers who talk about their piece; the ideas behind it, what it was like to instruct their colleagues. And after the presentation, the audience joins the choreographers and dancers to a big party backstage."

Joanna: "There is a great need for dancers and audiences for occasions where you can casually meet and get to know each other. I think the audience will find such a middleground behind the scenes amazing. With this cool party, including a great line-up, we hope to build relations with our audience. And to overturn the image that ballet would be stuffy."

Krista: "Some people think that ballet dancers don’t even ever drink. Well, we do so."

How did you get involved in the organization?

Krista: "Last year there was an add on a message board to participate in New Moves, and I said I’d love to do the production and organization. It seemed to be a fun and useful experience. Besides dancing, we both follow a bachelor programme at American universities. Joanna studies liberal arts, I'm studying business administration. In the future I’d like to combine business administration with ballet management. "

Joanna: "I was an intern last year at the fundraising department of Dutch Opera & Ballet, and did a senior project on fundraising. Since New Moves is already very succesful, I came up with the idea to organize a fundraising event with Krista where dancers would meet an audience that is interested in ballet, that also might want to support us financially. And to attract more sponsors as well. Currently, the American brand Alternative Apparel is  already providing free clothing, and Novel, a young creative consultancy agency is helping us in reaching a young creative audience. It would be perfect if New Moves could not only break even, but would even make profit."

Text and photo: Janna Reinsma



Friday, July 3rd: 20.00, with Q&A and afterparty
Saturday July 4th: 16.00 and 20.00

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