Cinequest Film & VR Festival Award for Virtual Reality production Night Fall

Dutch National Ballet and &samhoud are prize winners at the prestigious American Cinequest Film & VR Festival. The Virtual Reality production Night Fall won in the category ‘Best Live Experience’. The award will be presented at the Closing Night Gala on Sunday 12 March in San Jose, California. Night Fall will be shown at the festival, where it can be experienced by visitors to the festival. It is the first festival edition to include a VR Award competition. In 2016, Cinequest attracted more than 100,000 visitors.

Night Fall
Last August, in collaboration with &samhoud media, Dutch National Ballet was the first company in the world to launch a ballet created especially for Virtual Reality: Night Fall. In Night Fall, the viewer feels like part of the corps de ballet, entering a world where the boundary between dream and reality seems to vanish. The new work was choreographed by Peter Leung, young creative associate of Dutch National Ballet, to music composed by Robin Rimbaud (Scanner). It was directed by Jip Samhoud and Marijn Korver from &samhoud media. Night Fall is a co-production by Dutch National Ballet, &samhoud media and Chester Music. Last November, Night Fall won the ‘Public Choice Award’ at the Dutch Bright VR Awards.

International press voices on Night Fall:

* ‘The world’s first VR ballet experience is absolutely stunning (...) It’s an exciting new take on an art form that has been around for ages, breaking into an audience that might not normally visit a ballet show.’ (

* ‘Ballet has officially entered the 21st century. (...) The effect is goose bump-worthy.’ (

* ‘Completely captivating (...) The effect is entrancing (…) a high degree of rewatchability.’ (

* ‘This Virtual Reality Ballet will blow your mind. (…)As you explore the fantastical piece, you feel completely transported.’ (

Cinequest Film & VR Festival
The 27th edition of the Cinequest Film & VR Festival will be held this year in San Jose, California, from 28 February to 12 March. Since its first edition in 1990, the festival has led the way in bringing together creative artists from the film industry and technological innovators from Silicon Valley, resulting in revolutionary innovations for the film industry. Every year, the festival shows more than 90 premieres and is attended by over 700 film makers from more than 50 different countries. In 2015, Cinequest was voted Best Film Festival in the world by the readers of USA Today.

Credits Night Fall

Choreography & concept: Peter Leung
Director: Jip Samhoud
Creative director: Marijn Korver
Music: Robin Rimboud - Scanner
Violin: Pieter van Loenen
Dancers: Anna Tsygankova, Artur Shesterikov
Nancy Burer, Lisanne Kottenhagen, Emilie Tassinari, Belle Beasley, Melissa Chapski, Priscylla Gallo, Clara Superfine, Hannah Williams

Night Fall is a co-production by Dutch National Ballet, &samhoud media, Chester Music and is powered by Samsung.

Night Fall can be watched here on youtube:

The behind the scenes / making-off video can be watched here: