Dutch National Opera presents

The second violinist Donnacha Dennehy (1970) & Enda Walsh (1967)

Modern opera about obsession

A sensational modern opera, The Second Violinist is a brooding thriller electrified by an otherworldly, almost compulsive score. This is the result of an artistic partnership between world-renowned Irish playwright Enda Walsh – co-author of Bowie’s musical Lazarus – and composer Donnacha Dennehy.

Solace in music

The Second Violinist is about an ordinary person whose life is ruled by social media, morbid fantasies and violent video games. Seeking solace and beauty in a grim world, the violin player turns to the music of Italian Renaissance composer Carlo Gesualdo, only to have it become an obsession. The Second Violinist won the prestigious FEDORA–GENERALI award in 2017.

Team, Cast and Chorus

Musical Director
Ryan McAdams
Writer and Stage Director
Enda Walsh
Jamie Vartan
Adam Silverman
Jack Phelan
Sound design
David Sheppard
Helen Atkinson
Joan O’Clery
Crash Ensemble
Irish National Opera Chorus
Aaron Monaghan

Daire Halpin
Sharon Carty
Benedict Nelson

    Mon 16 Apr The Guardian - The Second Violinist*****(2017)

    “Fairytale opera is dark but dazzles.” "From the exhilarating score, lyrical singing, and dazzlingly intricate design, this is a work that needs to be seen more than once in order to absorb the rich detail.”