Dutch National Opera presents

Kriebel LEONARD EVERS (1985)

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during the holiday periods - venue: Odeonzaal in Dutch National Opera & Ballet


Duration 0:40

Breaks 0

By Leonard Evers

Ever imagined the sound of an itch (kriebel) … in your belly? What would happen if that itch crept up your throat and slipped out of your mouth? If it flew through the air and landed – plop! – on the viola, then jumped – pling! – inside the marimba?"

Colourful world of sound
A violin-playing singer, a dancing percussionist and a singing dancer take young audiences on a playful potpourri of dance, music and voice. Kriebel (‘Itch’) is a fun-filled musical theatre experience for tiny tots about the irrepressible, infectious and colourful world of sound.

During the autumn school holiday. 
Age: 2-4 years
Location: Odeonzaal, Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Leonard Evers
Composer and conductor Leonard Evers’ work fuses elements from jazz and world and contemporary music. Most of his compositions are for musical theatre and include the youth opera Gold!, written for Theater Sonnevanck, published by Boosey & Hawkes and staged all over Germany. At Dutch National Opera, Evers conducted the youth productions A Dogs Heart and The Boy Who Grew Too Fast.

Oorkaan produces theatrical concerts for young audiences, working in collaboration with top musicians to bring the rich world of music to all ears, big and small. Specialised in the classical repertoire, the ensemble plays works from the past and present and all corners of the globe. Their theatrical concerts and fresh approach are perfectly pitched to stimulate children’s listening skills and spark their imaginations.

Coproduction with
Oorkaan and Philharmonie

Team, Cast and Chorus

Stage Director
Caecilia Thunnissen
Leonard Evers
Erin Coppens
Milena Sidorova
Set designer
Tessa Verbei
Costume designer
Merel van Marken Lichtenbelt
Lighting designer
Tiedo Wildschut
Voice and Viola
Tiemo Wang
Marimba and Dance
Vitaly Medvedev
Dance and Voice
Sarah Reynolds