Dutch National Opera presents

A song for the moon MATHILDE WANTENAAR (1993)

Venue: CC Amstel


Duration 1:00

Breaks 0

By Wantenaar

Language Dutch

Feeling lonely, Mole decides to write a song that will cheer up the moon. Grasshopper rehearses his orchestra until they know the song by heart. Then, one night, they put on a beautiful concert. So why does the moon look so sad afterwards…?

Illustration: © 2012 Mance Post

The wondrous world of Toon Tellegen

A Song for the Moon [Een lied voor de maan] is based on the eponymous children’s book by Toon Tellegen, who has won worldwide acclaim for his short stories featuring animals. Beloved by all ages, his work gives a philosophical spin to amusing and bizarre situations. Several of his stories have been set to music, including the Holland Festival production The Cricket Recovers (2011). The narrative of A Song for the Moon instantly struck a chord with composer Mathilde Wantenaar: ‘The story appealed to my musical imagination . [] It tackles important themes such as loneliness, identity, disappointment and friendship, but it is also a story about the power of music and its ability to bring people together.


Team and cast A song for the moon

Mathilde Wantenaar
Mathilde Wantenaar (b. 1993) is a young composer who has already earned her spurs in the Dutch musical arena as well as at Dutch National Opera. She contributed her composing talents to the community project BOOM! | Amsterdam is an opera and wrote the short chamber opera personar for the first edition of OFF in 2016. A Song for the Moon, created for younger audiences, is Wantenaar’s first major opera.

Young artistic team
A Song for the Moon has its origins in a workshop organised by the European Network of Opera Academies. This network is an initiative by a number of opera houses, including Dutch National Opera, which develops masterclasses and workshops for young musicians, singers as well as stage directors.


A production in collaboration with ENOA


Team, Cast and Chorus

Mathilde Wantenaar
Willem Bruls
naar het gelijknamige boek van Toon Tellegen
Set and Costume Designer
Nele Ellegiers
Stage Director
Béatrice Lachaussée
Willem Bruls