Dutch National Opera presents

Club Faust Schubert (1797-1828), Gounod (1818-1893), Luke Deane (1990) a.o.

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17 Nov 12:00

World premiere - Opera Forward Festival

a rave opera

Duration 2:00

By Schubert, Gounod, Deane a.o.

Language meerdere talen

Club Faust creates a music-theatre journey through the life of Faust and his world. It shows us the searching and yearning man. Who are we? Where are we headed? Is there a way out?


Singers, dancers, musicians and performers occupy the stage and the entire theater, and take you with them in a whirlwind of emotions.Of course we’ll hear the familiar Faust numbers by Schubert, Gounod and others. But modern musical and artistic techniques, from electronics to dance, are also part of this aural Faust world. And just as with Goethe, the drama is narrated through poetry, in the form of spoken word


    Thu 20 Feb NRC - De Nationale Opera Studio, 2019 ****

    ‘With such talents, the future of opera in The Netherlands looks bright.'


Welcome Faust, to the 21st century!

For Club Faust, Dutch National Opera, Dutch National Opera Studio and Silbersee transform DeLaMar Theater into a unique venue. They revive Goethe’s Faust through music, word and movement.

The story that so captivated the young Goethe is confidently presented here by a young cast. In putting on this vibrant evening, Silbersee and conductor Romain Bischoff are joined by classically-trained singers from Dutch National Opera Studio, instrumentalists and percussionists, composers, DJs, and the young Dutch stage director Belle van Heerikhuizen. They’ll turn Club Faust into a modern Walpurgis rave. 




Artistic Director

ROMAIN BISCHOFF (artistic director of Silbersee) is the artistic director and musical dramaturge of Silbersee.

World premiere

Club Faust

A rave opera

Sung in multiple languages

Coproduction with Silbersee and DeLaMar Theater


Team, Cast and Chorus

Stage director
Belle van Heerikhuizen
Composition and musical dramaturgy
Luke Deane
Script and text guidance
Jan van den Bossche
Vocal mentoring
Rosemary Joshua
Luc Joosten en Jan van den Bossche
Set design and props
Morgana Machado Marques
Costume designer
Rebekka Wörmann
Movement coaching and artistic assistance
Juliette van Ingen
Lighting designer
Julian Maiwald
Sound design
Maurits Thiel
Artistic leadership
Romain Bischoff and Luc Joosten
With singers of
Dutch National Opera
Studio and other