Frequently asked questions

How can I reach Dutch National Opera & Ballet?

Where can I find information about ordering tickets and exchanging them?

Information about ticket sales, subscriptions and series, payment options, discounts, the ticket swap service, the seating plan, introductory talks and the webshop.

Sold out
What can I do if I want to see a performance that is already sold out?

Ordering tickets online
Please read the instructions before ordering tickets online for the first time.

About your account and registration for ordering tickets online
All about creating an account and registering.

About discounts
Which discount passes are accepted by Dutch National Opera & Ballet?

About gift vouchers
View the information.

Using this site
Which browser does Dutch National Opera & Ballet recommend?
If you use a PC, the website can be viewed best with a recent version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. If you use a Mac, the website can be viewed best with the latest version of Mozilla FireFox. The website opera& is also suitable for Safari.

Which video player do I need for watching the videos on this site?
The clips shown on the video page use Flash format. Your browser will need a plug-in in order to be able to use Flash. The most recent browsers have this plug-in built in already. To watch the videos with Internet Explorer, you will need version 7 or higher. Some videos are played on the Windows Media Player. It may be the case that this programme is not installed on your computer or that there is a problem with the version, so that the videos are not displayed. It could be that the version is outdated or a Windows update has not worked properly, so that certain files are no longer correct. It is also possible that the browser plug-in for the Windows Media Player is not correct.

I am bringing a small child to the performance. Are there booster cushions?

How can I get a poster or a DVD of the production?
Visit the webshop.

I would like to receive the newsletter. How can I subscribe?
At the bottom of each page, there is a link to subscribe to the newsletter.

How can I become a Friend of Dutch National Opera & Ballet?
You can enrol here.

How can I get a poster or a DVD of the production?
Visit the webshop.

Who is dancing?
As soon as the cast is known for a ballet performance, it will be published. This is generally two weeks before the premiere of the production in question. The cast is always subject to change.

Where can I find the visitors’ terms and conditions?
Under ‘Plan your visit’. We kindly ask that visitors take note of Dutch National Opera & Ballet’s house rules.

Can I get something to eat and drink at Dutch National Opera & Ballet?
Is there somewhere nearby to get something to eat and drink before the performance?

Can I use debit or credit cards to pay at the bars in the foyer of Dutch National Opera & Ballet?
The bars in the foyer accept cash payments, as well as debit cards. If you card supports it, you can use contactless payment.more information about food and drink

Questions about people with a disability
More information about accessibility.

Where may I ask for found items?
If you have lost something, you can check with the Dutch National Opera & Ballet reception if the item has been found and delivered there. You can reach this department by telephone (T 020 551 8000) or by e-mail (

For opera performances, seats in the 5th and 7th category have no view of the surtitles. Why not?
Answer: The screens for projecting surtitles are set up in such a way that as many visitors as possible can read them. Erecting a larger screen or more than two screens would infringe too much on the aesthetic quality of the performance.

Is your question not listed?
Please use the contact form under ‘contact’.
We will reply to your question within five days.