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Where is Dutch National Opera & Ballet?

Check this page for the location and how to get there: getting there.

What is where?

The main entrance and the box office are situated on Amstel 1.

The coat check is on the left hand side on the ground floor as you enter the foyer throught the main entrance

Introductory talks (in Dutch) are given in the 'Odeonzaal', you will find the entrance opposite the coatcheck, on the ground floor. 

The pre-performance dinner is served on the 2nd balcony level, at the right hand side.

Toilets are available on every level: on the groundfloor in between the two parts of the coat check, on all the upper levels they are situated on the right hand side of the foyer. 

The shop can be found on the main level, at the top of the first stairs.

The information stand for the Friends (of Dutch National Opera and Dutch Nationale Ballet) is located in the middel of the main level of the foyer.


The auditorium is split over three levels: main level, 1st balcony and 2nd balcony. Seats with odd numbers are located on the left hand side of the auditorium (use the entrance doors marked "Oneven"); seats with even numbers are found on the right hand side of the auditorium (use the entrance doors marked "Even"). Seat number 1 is always in the centre of the row, and the seat numbers increase towards the side of the auditorium. See the seating plan.

A visit to Dutch National Opera & Ballet

The doors open one hour before curtain up. Your ticket is scanned at the main entrance; please have any discount cards ready to show with your tickets.

You can leave your coat, bag or umbrella at the coat check. Due to safety reasons, it is not allowed to take coats, bags etc. into the auditorium. The coat check is free. While you wait to enter the auditorium, you can enjoy a drink or maybe browse the shop. Before every performance of Dutch National Opera and Dutch National Ballet we offer an introductory talk (in Dutch), giving insights to the story and the creation of the performance. These talks begin 45 minutes before curtain up, and last about 30 minutes. They are held in the special auditorium 'Odeonzaal', the entrance of which you will find opposite the coat check, on the ground level.

About 15 minutes before curtain up, the doors to the auditorium are opened and you can take your seat. Odd-numbered seats are located on the left of the auditorium (as you face the stage), whereas even-numbered seats are on the right of the auditorium. Seat number 1 is in the centre of the row, with the numbers increasing to the sides of the auditorium. For odd-numbered seats, use the doors marked "Oneven"; for the even-numbered seats use the doors marked "Even".
Then roughly 10 minutes before curtain up, a gong is sounded, indicating it's time to take your seat. After curtain up, the doors close and you can no longer enter the auditorium. Pleas take this into account if you need to leave the auditorium for whatever reason during the performance: you will have to wait until the interval to enter the auditorium again.
It's customary to leave the auditorium during an interval. An interval allows you about 20-30 minutes (depending on the performance) to have a drink or use the facilities. About 10 minutes before the end of the interval, the gong is sounded again, indicating you to take your seat again. After the final curtain, you can leave the auditorium. The bar nearest the exit is open after the performance. When it's time to leave, you can claim your belongings from the coat check. Usually it is crowded with people getting their coats right after a performance, but our staff is numerous and very efficient in retrieving your coat, especially if you note the number on your token and queue nearest to the coat racks with the same number range. (Please note that the coat check is divided up into even- and odd numbers as well.)

Pre-order your drinks for the interval

Order your interval drinks before the performance at any bar in the foyer. Your drinks will be ready and waiting for you in the interval, so you won't have to queue.

Is there a dress code in Dutch National Opera & Ballet?

You decide what to wear to a performance in Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Our audiences are diverse, and composed of all age groups. Please wear something that you feel comfortable in. Some gala performances do have a dress code; this is communicated on the relevant performance page on our website. If you have any queries, pleas do not hesitate to call our box office on +31 206 255 455 (every day from 12:00-18:00/curtain up).

Digital signage

All around the foyer, you will see screen showing information about the performance and other relevant messages.

Cloakroom is free of charge and obligatory

Use of the cloakroom is free of charge for visitors. For security reasons, it is not permitted to take your coat, bag and luggage into the auditorium. We therefore request you to hand in your coat, bag and luggage to the cloakroom. In special cases where required for reasons of general security, Dutch National Opera & Ballet can request to look inside any luggage you have brought with you. If deemed necessary, specially trained staff may also request your cooperation in making a body search.


After curtain up, the doors to the auditorium are closed, and it is no longer possible to enter, so as not to disturb the audience or artists during the performance. Visitors that arrive late, can see and hear the performance on screens in the foyer, and they can take their seats after the interval.


For children, who may be too small to see properly from their seat, we offer extra cushions. See all the facilities for young visitors on this page: young people. Please note: it is prohibited (and dangerous) for children to climb onto the stage.

Is there a poster, CD or DVD of a particular performance available?

Our shop (situated on the main level in the foyer) offers a selection of merchandise related to the performance, such as posters, programmes, CD's and DVD's. Not all performances have been issued on DVD. Check our webshop to see if there is a DVD available: shop.

Who is dancing in a particular ballet?

Ballet performances are danced by different dancers on different days. As soon as the planning is confirmed (usually about a week before a given performance), the names and dates are published on the relevant performance page on our website. The information is also inserted into the free booklet, which is handed out prior to every performance. But please note: schedules and who dances when may change up to the very last minute.

The free, blue booklet

You can find general information about a given performance in the free, blue booklet which is handed out before every performance. In it you will find the cast and a synopsis (also in English) of the story. The booklet is available in many locations in the foyer, such as  the box office, the coat check and the information desk near the main entrance. Should you want to delve deeper into the performance, we also offer the souvenir programme, a sizeable book with background stories and interesting images. For opera, it als includes the libretto.

Food and drink

Is there food available in the foyer of Dutch National Opera & Ballet? Are there any good restaurants nearby? Check this page for the answers to these and other questions about food and drink. Consumption of food and drink you have brought yourself is not permitted in Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

No photography or recordings

It is not permitted to take photos or make audiovisual recordings in the auditorium of Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

How can I pay at Dutch National Opera & Ballet?

At the bars, the shop and the box office you can pay with cash or debit card (even contacless, if your card has that option). Credit cards can not be used to pay at the bars or the shop. 

Is Dutch National Opera & Ballet barrier-free?

Do you intend to visit Dutch National Opera & Ballet in a wheelchair, or do you use a hearing aid? Explore your options on this page: access facilities.


All opera performances by Dutch National Opera are supertitled in Dutch, as well as English.


You are eligible for discounted tickets if you are the holder of one of these cards: CJP ("Cultural Youth Passport"), Stadspas Amsterdam or Cultuurkaart.  Students can buy last-minute tickets for € 15, starting at 1pm on the day of the performance. You need to show your discount card or student pass when your tickets are scanned at the main entrance.
Members of Fidelio (Young Friends of the Opera) can order tickets at a reduced price one day before the performance. See their website for more information: Fidelio

House rules

What is and is not allowed in Dutch National Opera & Ballet? Check the house rules.

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