The magic of the theatre

Two theatrical guided tours for groups 3/4/5 and/or 6/7/8

Duration:  about 1.5 hours

Cost:  €60 per group of 15 pupils plus a supervisor

* Tracking and trailing is a new guided tour of the theatre for groups aged 6 to 13.

The concept is simple and can be adjusted to suit the age group: during all the hectic preparations for a production, an important prop has been lost. Moreover, the tour guide (either singing or dancing) does not know the route through the building very well yet. The route through the building is followed by using a map. By chance, the prop is found and the quest ends up in the tuning room, where the tour is rounded off by dancing or singing.

The definitive map can be taken home as a souvenir.

* Josefine works as a cleaner at National Opera & Ballet. Every day she diligently scrubs the floors and polishes with her dust cloth. She dreams of someday appearing on stage herself and becoming a star. One day, a group of children arrive at the door. Josefine gathers her courage and decides to let them in to show them around backstage. She knows this building better than anyone. And who knows, maybe the children can help turn her dream of becoming a star into a reality. 

This is an exciting journey of discovery through the hidden treasures of the theatre. You can choose between a ballet and an opera version.