Seizoen 2017-2018

Met trots en plezier presenteren wij seizoen 2017-2018 van Nationale Opera & Ballet.

Pierre Audi
Het nieuwe seizoen wordt gekenmerkt door de combinatie van hoogstaande kwaliteit, innovatie, vakmanschap en creativiteit. Het is het laatste seizoen van Pierre Audi als directeur opera. Woorden schieten tekort om onze dankbaarheid te uiten over de manier waarop hij de afgelopen dertig jaar De Nationale Opera groot heeft gemaakt: tot het beste operagezelschap ter wereld.

Hans van Manen
Bij Het Nationale Ballet staat Hans van Manen centraal in het seizoen 2017-2018. De wereldberoemde choreograaf, wiens werk door een groot – nog steeds toenemend – aantal internationale gezelschappen op het repertoire wordt gezet, wordt 85. We zijn trots dat hij als huischoreograaf aan Nationale Opera & Ballet is verbonden.

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Season 2017-2018

Power as heritage
Internationally acclaimed
Glittering ballet spectacle with leading international stars
Hans van Manen 85
A dissolute emperor
The woman, the diva, the mystery
Nederlands Dans Theater 2 - poetic duets and energetic ensemble dance
Live like it's your last day!
Jewel in the crown
Like a feverish dream
Frivolity vs. true love
Talented youngsters on tour
A look to the future
A timeless requiem
The American dream?
Orfeo - the sequel
Exciting music and dance duos
A romantic Schönberg
A forgiving ruler
Voyage of song through plastic soup
Drunken stupor of a poet
Timeless tragic love
The force of destiny


Opera seasons are seldom conceived around a distinct theme. But still, from the collection of potent works that make up this new season, we can find a couple of powerful words to describe that season.

For the 2017-2018 season the words Destiny and Realisation spring to mind: they explain the urgency behind the stories told by the composers who share their emotions, ideas and messages with us through the medium of music and words.

The tragic consequences of Destiny form a tornado of immeasurable, often destructive dramatic forces, while the power of human consciousness, Realisation, can change the world and can help us to confront and bear the destructive Destiny. 

The 2017-2018 season for Dutch National Ballet highlights two special jubilees: firstly we celebrate the joyous occasion of the 85th birthday of Hans van Manen, our resident choreographer and greatest Dutch choreographer of all time. His work is the focus of much of the new season.

Secondly, we celebrate Rachel Beaujean, who is part of Dutch National Ballet for forty years. As a dancer, she inspired Hans van Manen; when she stopped dancing, she started working for the company. She is now head of artistic staff and a vital part of the organisation.

But we also bring you classics old and new, such as The Sleeping Beauty and Mata Hari. And for the first time in the Netherlands we will perform Tristan + Isolde, a ballet by our Associate Artist David Dawson.

Yet another jubilee is celebrated by the Junior Company: they will reach their fifth year in this season, with a festival of young talent.


Like every year, this year we offer a great number of subcscription series. A select number of series are available online. All subscription series have this advantage: they offer the lowest price for the best seats.

SEASON BROCHURE 2017-2018 (in dutch)

SUBSCRIPTION BROCHURE 2017-2018 (in dutch)

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