Seating chart

NB: You can find the seating charts for season 2019-2020 in the brochure

Seating charts 2018-2019

Information about the seating charts for opera and ballet and the price category divisions.

The rows in the stalls are numbered starting at the front, nearest to the stage. A low row number thus means you will be sitting close to the stage. Rows 2, 3, 5 and 7 are not raked in respect to the row in front of them. Seats are numbered starting in the middle of the row, increasing toward the sides. A low seat number thus means you are sitting nearer the middle of the auditorium. Odd-numbered seats are to the left and even-numbered seats to the right.

From the middle of both the first and second balconies, the view of the stage is virtually direct. As the seat number increases, so does the angle of view of the stage.

All opera performances are surtitled in both Dutch and English. These surtitles are an abridged translation of the libretto that is sung in the original language of each particular opera.


Seating plan ballet performances
Seating plan opera performances
All opera performances are supertitled in both Dutch and English; the supertitles are visible from all the seats in the auditorium.