Dutch National Opera presents

FAUST [working title]

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20 Aug 12:00

FAUST [working title]

Duration 1:20

Language Multiple languages

The current crisis has put an end to our scheduled season opener Mefistofele. But we won’t keep quiet. We have invited a new generation of music theatre makers from The Netherlands to fill the empty space. FAUST [working title] departs from the theme of Goethe's Faust, a prominent figure in Western culture. A large-scale performance with chorus, orchestra, soloists and a wealth of music, from classical to lesser-known repertoire.

The thirst for knowledge, but also its limits, is one of the themes central to Faust. In these confusing times, in which science simultaneously wants to provide answers and raises doubts, this theme is more topical than ever.

Faust's world view is comprehensive, but also has its limitations and blind spots. For the artistic team, the theme was therefore not only an invitation to explore the repertoire surrounding Faust, but also to look further. What if we look beyond the repertoire we are used to in opera?

Abundance of voices
The present crisis has caused immeasurable loss and fear, but has also prompted us to re-think the very foundations of our modern societies, the way we produce, and the way we live together.

FAUST [working title] opens up the space of Dutch National Opera to other sounds, music and languages, and explores the abundance of voices that are present in the world. Together with inspiring composers, arrangers and musicians from different places, the team imagines new landscapes in the world of music theatre.

Safe visit

Your safety is our priority. We have made some adjustments in order to ensure that it is always possible to keep a distance of 1.5 metres in our theatre. 

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Concept and creation

Lisenka Heijboer Castañon, Manoj Kamps, Niels Nuijten, Antonio Cuenca Ruiz, Hendrik Walther, Janne Sterke and Akim Moiseenkov.

Compositions and arrangements

In alphabetical order: Meriç Artaç, Hector Berlioz, Arrigo Boito, Lili Boulanger, Lochlan Brown, Emmanuel Chabrier, Bruno Coulais, Julius Eastman, Charles Gounod, George Frederic Handel, Manoj Kamps, Ravi Kittappa, Reinbert de Leeuw, Lingbo Ma, Florian Magnus Maier, Gustav Mahler, Grace-Evangeline Mason, Martín Mayo, Marc Migó, Akim Moiseenkov, Vasile Nedea, Florence Price, Franz Schubert, serpentwithfeet, Thuthuka Sibisi, Chavela Vargas, Rick van Veldhuizen, Claude Vivier & Maretha van der Walt


Team, Cast and Chorus

Musical director
Manoj Kamps
Stage director
Lisenka Heijboer Castañon
Janne Sterke
Hendrik Walther
Costume design
Janne Sterke
Light and video design
Hendrik Walther
Sound design
Akim Moiseenkov
Antonio Cuenca Ruiz and Niels Nuijten
Dramaturgy consultants
meLê Yamomo and Luc Joosten
The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra
Chorus of Dutch National Opera
Nieuw Amsterdams Kinderkoor
Chorus master
Ching-Lien Wu
Olga Busuioc
Polly Leech
Martin Mkhize

Lisenka Heijboer Castañon

Stage direction & co-creation

The work of Dutch-Peruvian director Lisenka Heijboer Castañon is characterised by her love for music as a tool for storytelling, combined with a strong connection to movement theatre.

Manoj Kamps

Musical director & co-creation

Manoj Kamps is a Dutch-Sri Lankan queer conductor, theatre maker and composer, specialized in a wide range of repertoire, ranging from baroque to cutting-edge contemporary music.

Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra 
For more than 30 years, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra | Netherlands Chamber Orchestra has been the primary orchestral partner of Dutch National Opera. It is counted among the best opera orchestras of the world. In September 2021, Lorenzo Viotti will become chief conductor of both the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and Dutch National Opera. The Netherlands Chambers Orchestra is under the inspiring leadership of violinist Gordan Nikolić.

Chorus of Dutch National Opera
The Chorus of Dutch National Opera consists of 50 singers and is regularly supplemented by freelance chorus members for major productions. Ching-Lien Wu has been artistic director of the Chorus of Dutch National Opera since 2014.

Nieuw Amsterdams Kinderkoor
Dutch National Opera & Ballet maintains a close partnership with the Nieuw Amsterdams Kinderkoor. The Amsterdam-based children’s chorus is part of Nieuw Vocaal Amsterdam, which provides classical singing training for children and adolescents aged 4 to 21 years. Dutch National Opera & Ballet and Nieuw Vocaal Amsterdam collaborate on performances as well as on the training of children and adolescents in the field of opera.

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